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ETEA Engineering Test Format

Engineering colleges entry test (commonly known as ETEA) for admission into the Engineering universities of KPK is conducted by the KPK Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA). The entry test is from the FSc syllabus and covers all topics in the FSc pre-engineering coursework for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The ETEA consists of 200 MCQs and all MCQs have four answers to choose from. The test has negative marking.

Format for the ETEA for engineering colleges is given below,

  • ​Mathematics 60 mcqs
  • ​Physics 60 mcqs
  • ​Chemistry 60 mcqs
  • ​English 20 mcqs

Total MCQs = 200

The ETEA has negative marking with every correctly answered MCQ scoring 4 marks, wrong answer -1 mark and skipped MCQs with 0 marks. This means that if a candidate has 50 correct answers, 40 wrong answers and 110 blanks (no answers), he/she would earn the following marks:

50 x 4 + 40 x (-1) + 120 x (0) = 200 – 40 + 0= 160 marks out of maximum 800.

The test is challenging and only a handful of students are able score between 600 to 700 marks in the entry test. You can improve your chances of scoring higher in the ECAT by using for your entry test preparation.

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