Q: The number of moles of CO₂ in 11 g of gas is:

(a) :  0.5 mol
(b) :  0.2 mol
(c) :  0.25 mol
(d) :  0.3 mol
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  0.25 mol

Q: If 16 grams of O₂ react with excess C₂H₆,how many grams of CO₂ will be formed?The formula mass of O₂=32 amu and CO₂=44 amu 2C₂H₆ + 7O₂ → 4CO₂ + 6H₂O

(a) :  3.1 g
(b) :  13 g
(c) :  22 g
(d) :  88 g
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  13 g

Q: In the laboratory we learnt that one mole of any gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP) will occupy 22.4 liters .How many liters will 8 grams of O₂ gas occupy at STP .The formula mass of O₂ is equal to 32 amu.

(a) :  33.6 L
(b) :  22.4 L
(c) :  11.3 L
(d) :  5.6 L
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  5.6 L

Q: Water has a vapour pressure of 23.76 torr at 25⁰C .What is vapour pressure of sucrose solution if mole fraction of sucrose is 0.250?

(a) :  5.9 torr
(b) :  17.4 torr
(c) :  17.8 torr
(d) :  29.1 torr
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  17.8 torr
Explanation:  Vapour pressure of solution containing a colatile solvent and non-volatile solute is given by: Psolution =P₁⁰(1-X₂),Psolution=(23.76 torr)(1-0.250)=17.8 torr

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