Q: What is the formula of iron (III) nitrate?

(a) :  Fe(NO₃)₃
(b) :  Fe₂(NO₃)₃
(c) :  Fe₃NO₃
(d) :  Fe₃(NO₃)₂
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Fe(NO₃)₃
Explanation:  Fe (III) has a charge of +3 while nitrate has a charge of -1.To maintain electrical neutrality ,there should be 1Fe ³⁺ to 3NO₃¯.

Q: Convert 80 ⁰F to the Rankine scale:

(a) :  40⁰R
(b) :  540⁰R
(c) :  313⁰R
(d) :  105⁰R
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  540⁰R
Explanation:  The formula to convert degrees Fahrenheit to degree Rankine is T(⁰R)=T(⁰F)+460=40+460=500⁰R

Q: In the laboratory we learnt that one mole of any gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP) will occupy 22.4 liters .How many liters will 8 grams of O₂ gas occupy at STP .The formula mass of O₂ is equal to 32 amu.

(a) :  33.6 L
(b) :  22.4 L
(c) :  11.3 L
(d) :  5.6 L
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  5.6 L

Q: How many grams of HF are needed to react completely with 29 g of Mg(OH)₂ ?The molecular mass of Mg(OH)₂=58 amu and HF=20 amu.The balanced chemical reaction is… Mg(OH)₂ + 2HF → MgF₂ + 2H₂O

(a) :  10 grams of HF
(b) :  20 grams of HF
(c) :  40 grams of HF
(d) :  80 grams of HF
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  20 grams of HF

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