Current Electricity

Q: When rheostat is used as potential divider, ghe shifting of the sliding cintact to one side causes:

(a) :  The change in the current
(b) :  The change in the output voltage
(c) :  The change in the output resistance
(d) :  Both (B) and (C)
(e) :  All these changes
Answer:  Both (B) and (C)

Q: Heat is produced in a contuctor due to flow of current because:

(a) :  Its atom are attracted towards each other
(b) :  Its atoms are repelled from each other
(c) :  Kinetic energy of its atoms increases
(d) :  Potential energy of its atoms increases
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  Kinetic energy of its atoms increases

Q: The resistance present between the two electrodes of the cell is due to:

(a) :  An electrolyte present between them
(b) :  Electrodes themselves
(c) :  The material of vessel
(d) :  Connecting wires
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  An electrolyte present between them

Q: in gases,the charge carriers are

(a) :  electrons
(b) :  positive ions
(c) :  negative ions
(d) :  both A and c
(e) :  both A and B
Answer:  both A and B

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