Current Electricity

Q: the effect of bends in wire on its electrical resistance are

(a) :  zero
(b) :  much larger
(c) :  larger
(d) :  smaller
(e) :  none of these
Answer:  zero

Q: Thermistors are made from mjxtures of mettalic oxides of:

(a) :  Manganese
(b) :  Gold
(c) :  Mercury
(d) :  Carbon
(e) :  Sliicon
Answer:  Manganese

Q: during electrolysis process(using CuSO₄) density of CuSO₄ solution

(a) :  increases
(b) :  decreases
(c) :  remains unaltered
(d) :  any of above
(e) :  none of these
Answer:  remains unaltered

Q: When the current is being drawn from the battery:

(a) :  V = E - lr is applied
(b) :  V = E + Ir is applied
(c) :  It is being discharged
(d) :  Both (A) and (C)
(e) :  Both (B) and (C)
Answer:  Both (A) and (C)

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