Modern Physics

Q: Strictly speaking, the earth is:

(a) :  An accelerated frame of reference
(b) :  A non-inertial frame of reference
(c) :  An inertial frame of reference
(d) :  A non-accelerated frame of reference
(e) :  Both A and B
Answer:  Both A and B

Q: While demonstrating the photoelectric effect, the stoping potential is acfived when:

(a) :  Battery is disconnected
(b) :  Anode is made more and more positive
(c) :  Current becomes zero
(d) :  Any of these
(e) :  Both B and C
Answer:  Current becomes zero

Q: Aging process of the human body:

(a) :  Becomes slow by motion at very high speed
(b) :  Becomes fast at very high speed
(c) :  Is not affected when its speed becomes extremely large
(d) :  All of these are true
(e) :  None is true
Answer:  Becomes slow by motion at very high speed

Q: The special theoryo aelativity is based on:

(a) :  Four postulates
(b) :  Three postulates
(c) :  Two postulates
(d) :  One postulates
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  Two postulates

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