Modern Physics

Q: The intensity of emitted energy (with wavelength) radiated from a black body at different temperatures was initially measured by:

(a) :  Lummer
(b) :  Planck
(c) :  Pringsheim
(d) :  Both A and B
(e) :  Both A and C
Answer:  Both A and C

Q: The work function has the value of 3.94 × 10¯¹⁹ J for sodium. The threshold freqeuncy of function of sodium will be

(a) :  6 × 10⁸ Hz
(b) :  6 × 10¹⁴ MHz
(c) :  Both A and B
(d) :  6 × 10⁸ MHz
(e) :  6 × 10²⁰ Hz
Answer:  6 × 10⁸ MHz

Q: Thre is no way to detect:

(a) :  Absolute uniform motion
(b) :  Accelerated motion
(c) :  State of rest
(d) :  State of motion
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  Absolute uniform motion

Q: According to special theory of relativity, mass and enegy are:

(a) :  Different entities
(b) :  Related as E = mc²
(c) :  Inter-convertible
(d) :  Similar entities
(e) :  All are true except D
Answer:  All are true except D

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