Introduction to Education

Q: Which from the following is NOT a formal assessment?

(a) :   Assignment
(b) :  Paper
(c) :  Quiz
(d) :  Discussion
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  Discussion

Q: The base on which the subject activities and experience are planned is called?

(a) :  Course
(b) :  Behavior
(c) :  Design
(d) :  Logical sequence
(e) :  None of Above
Answer:  Design

Q: The value of satisfaction in ...... is emphasizes by the psychologist now a days.

(a) :   Learning
(b) :  Education
(c) :  Management
(d) :   Environment
(e) :  None of these
Answer:   Learning

Q: The philosopher who worked in mathematical and scientific didactics was?

(a) :  Jean Piaget
(b) :  John Dewey
(c) :  Martin Wagenschein
(d) :   Lev Vygotsky
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  Martin Wagenschein

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