Q: Which of the following thinkers advocated the abolition of private property?

(a) :  Locke
(b) :  Green
(c) :  Mill
(d) :  Rousseau
(e) :  Karl Marx
Answer:  Karl Marx

Q: Which one of the following is not true about Anarchists views about private property?

(a) :  It helps capitalists in squeezing the blood of the poor
(b) :  It promotes selfish interests
(c) :  It helps in producing socially useful goods
(d) :  It does not care for social needs
(e) :  It sacrifices the interests of majority for the sake of minority
Answer:  It helps in producing socially useful goods

Q: According to St. Augustine property was:

(a) :  Natural institution
(b) :  Conventional institution
(c) :  Economic institution
(d) :  Political institution
(e) :  Religious institution
Answer:  Conventional institution

Q: According to Syndicalists in their society of the future private property:

(a) :  Will altogether be abolished
(b) :  Will be retained under trusteeship control
(c) :  Will be managed by the church
(d) :  Will be managed by the church
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Will altogether be abolished

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