Muslim Political Thoughts AL-Farabi

Q: Al-Farabi learnt the basics of Political science from another Christian Savant:

(a) :  Jilad al-Harran
(b) :  Jilad al-Yunus
(c) :  Matta bin Junus
(d) :  Bashar bin Abraham
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Jilad al-Harran

Q: He himself (Al-Farabi) is called the 'second teacher' 'the first teacher' being.

(a) :  Aristotle
(b) :  Plato's Political theory and Guided caliphate
(c) :  Socrates
(d) :  None of these
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Aristotle

Q: Who wrote Siyasat al Madina?

(a) :  Mawardi
(b) :  Farabi
(c) :  Ghazzali
(d) :  Iqbal
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Farabi

Q: The objective of this form of state is to acquire maximum money:

(a) :  Vile state
(b) :  Ideal state
(c) :  Vicious state
(d) :  Erring state
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Vile state

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