Q: A 65-year-old patient presents to you in general practice with a painful right lower leg. On questioning, he tells you that the pain has been present for a few months but he has not sought any medical advice for it. His past medical history is significant only for type 2 diabetes, for which he is on insulin. On examination he appears systemically well. Examination of the right lower limb shows a curvature of the tibia with overlying erythema, and palpation reveals it to be much warmer than the left leg. Which ONE of the following conditions is the patient suffering from?

(a) :  Osteomyelitis
(b) :   Paget’s disease
(c) :  Sarcoma
(d) :  Skeletal metastasis
(e) :  Charcot’s joint 
Answer:  Paget’s disease

Q: Which of the following statements regarding carpal tunnel syndrome is correct?

(a) :  It is rarely secondary to trauma
(b) :  It may be associated with pregnancy
(c) :  It most often causes dysesthesia during waking hours
(d) :  It is often associated with vascular compromise
(e) :  Surgical treatment involves release of the extensor retinaculum 
Answer:  It may be associated with pregnancy

Q: Which of the following is a characteristic feature of Blount’s disease?

(a) :  Genu valgum
(b) :  Genu varum
(c) :  Coxa vara
(d) :  Coxa valga
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Genu varum

Q: Agents which decrease bone resorption in osteoporosis are all except?

(a) :  Risedronate
(b) :  Teriparatide
(c) :  Strontium ranelate
(d) :  Raloxifene
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Teriparatide

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