Q: A 28-year-old G1P0 presents to your office at 18 weeks gestational age for an unscheduled visit secondary to right-sided groin pain. She describes the pain as sharp and occuring with movement and exercise. She denies any change in urinary or bowel habits. She also denies any fever or chills. The application of a heating pad helps alleviate the discomfort. As her obstetrician, what do you tell this patient is the most likely etiology of this pain?

(a) :  Round ligament pain
(b) :  Appendicitis
(c) :  Preterm labor
(d) :  Kidney stone
(e) :  Urinary tract infection
Answer:  Round ligament pain

Q: A 35-year-old G1P0 presents to her obstetrician’s office at 8 weeks gestation. She has a history of type I diabetes and is very concerned regarding the possible risks this illness may have on her fetus. As the patient’s physician, you tell her that all of the following are possible risks that can result from having diabetes in pregnancy except

(a) :  Fetal malformations
(b) :  First-trimester spontaneous abortions
(c) :  Macrosomia
(d) :  Preterm labor
(e) :  Cesarean section 
Answer:  Preterm labor

Q: most complications of laparoscopy is all except?

(a) :  Hypercapnia
(b) :  Emphysema to the peritoneal skin
(c) :  Injury to common iliac vessels
(d) :  Injury to posterior division of lumbosacral plexeus
(e) :  None of above
Answer:  injury to posterior division of lumbosacral plexus

Q: The major cause of unplanned pregnancies in women using oral contraceptives is

(a) :  Breakthrough ovulation at midcycle
(b) :  High frequency of intercourse
(c) :  Incorrect use of oral contraceptives
(d) :  Gastrointestinal malabsorption
(e) :  Development of antibodies
Answer:  Incorrect use of oral contraceptives

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