Q: Lithium should b stopped how many days prior Surgery?

(a) :  2 days
(b) :  3days
(c) :  5days
(d) :  7 days
(e) :  None of above
Answer:  7 days

Q: A 60-year-old woman presents to her physician with a 3-wk history of severe headaches. A con- trast CT scan reveals a small, circular, hypodense lesion with ringlike contrast enhancement. The most likely diagnosis is

(a) :  Brain abscess
(b) :  High-grade astrocytoma
(c) :  Parenchymal hemorrhage
(d) :  Metastatic lesion
(e) :  Toxoplasmosis
Answer:  Metastatic lesion

Q: What is the most common serious complication of an end colostomy?

(a) :  Bleeding
(b) :  Skin breakdown
(c) :  Parastomal hernia
(d) :  Colonic perforation during irrigation
(e) :  Stomal prolapse
Answer:  Parastomal hernia

Q: All of the following are contraindications to passing a nasogastric tube EXCEPT

(a) :  suspected perforation of the esophagus
(b) :  confirmed perforation of the esophagus
(c) :  history of esophageal varices
(d) :  nearly complete obstruction of the esophagus¬†due to benign or malignant strictures
(e) :  presence of an esophageal foreign body
Answer:  history of esophageal varices

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