Q: Dye found in the top swab in a three swab test is indicative of?

(a) :  Uretero-vaginal fistula
(b) :  Vesico-vaginal fistula
(c) :  Urethro-vaginal fistula
(d) :  Rectovaginal fistula
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Uretero-vaginal fistula

Q: Causative organism of tropical spastic paraparesis is?

(a) :  Human immunodeficiency virus 1
(b) :  Human immunodeficiency virus 2
(c) :  Hepatitis B virus
(d) :  Human T cell lymphotropic virus
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  Human T cell lymphotropic virus

Q: Which of the following is the commonest form of nephropathy associated with malignancy?

(a) :  Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
(b) :  Minimal change disease
(c) :  IgA nephropathy
(d) :  Membranous nephropathy
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  IgA nephropathy

Q: Sensitivity is a measure of?

(a) :  True positive
(b) :  False positive
(c) :  True negative
(d) :  False negative
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  True positive

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