Pharmaceutical Calculations

Q: Dopamine (Intropin) 200 mg in 500 mL of normal saline at 5 ).!g/kg/min is ordered for a 155-lb patient. What is the final concentration of solution in ().!ImL?

(a) :  0.4 ).!g/mL
(b) :  2.5 ).!g/mL
(c) :  40 ).!g/mL
(d) :  400 ).!g/mL
(e) :  25 ).!g/mL
Answer:  400 ).!g/mL
Explanation:   200 mg dopamine in 500 mL = 0.4 mg/mL. Because 1 mg = 1000 /-lg, 0.4 mg = 400 /-lg; therefore, the final concentration of dopamine will be 400 /-lg/mL.

Q: A radiopharmacist prepares a solution of 99mTc (40 mCi/mL) at 6:00 AM. If the solution is intended for administration at 12:00 noon at a dose of 20 mCi, how many mL of the original solution are needed? (The half-life of the radioisotope is 6 hours.)

(a) :  0.5 mL
(b) :  1.0 mL
(c) :  1.5 mL
(d) :  2.0 mL
(e) :  5.0 mL
Answer:  1.0 mL
Explanation:   Because the time interval between preparation and administration is 6 h, and the half-life of the radiopharmaceutical is 6 h, approximately one-half of the original strength has decayed. Therefore, 1 mL of the solution now assaying at 20 mCi/mL is needed.

Q: A physician requests 1 lb of bacitracin ointment containing 200 U of bacitracin per gram. How many grams of bacitracin ointment (500 UI g) must be used to make this ointment?

(a) :  182 g
(b) :  200 g
(c) :  227 g
(d) :  362 g
(e) :  400 g
Answer:  182 g
Explanation:  454 g x 200 U/ g= 90,800 units 500 U 90,800 U 19 xg x = 182 g (23:188-90) One avoirdupois pound contains 454 g. The total number of bacitracin units required is

Q: The USP contains nomograms for estimating body surface area (BSA) for both children and adults. Which of the following measurements must be known in order to use this nomogram?

(a) :  age and height
(b) :  age and weight
(c) :  height and creatinine clearance
(d) :  height and weight
(e) :  weight and sex
Answer:  height and weight
Explanation:   The nomogram in the USP consists of three parallel vertical lines. The left line is calibrated with height measurements in both centimeters and inches, whereas the right line lists weights in kilograms and pounds. Using data based on the patient's measurements, a line is drawn between the two out-side parallel lines. The intercept on the mid- dle line, which is calibrated in square meters of body surface area, allows the estimation of the patient's BSA.

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