Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Q: The compressibility of clays, is caused due to:

(a) :  expulsion of double layer water from in between the grains
(b) :  sliping of particles to new positions of greater density
(c) :  bending of particles as elastic sheets
(d) :  all the above.
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  all the above

Q: For slopes of limited extent the surface of slippage, is usually along

(a) :  a parabolic arc
(b) :  an elliptical arc
(c) :  a straight line
(d) :  a circular arc.
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  a circular arc.

Q: Minimum size of the particles of silt soil, is

(a) :  0.002 mm
(b) :  0.04 mm
(c) :  0.06 mm
(d) :  0.08 mm
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  0.002 mm

Q: When a cohesionless soil attains quick condition, it looses

(a) :  shear strength
(b) :  bearing capacity
(c) :  both (a) and (b)
(d) :  neither (a) nor (6).
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  both (a) and (b)

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