Advanced Surveying

Q: If the distance between the projectors is altered by a movement along X-axis of one projector,

(a) :  the length of the air base is increased
(b) :  the scale of the model is altered
(c) :  y-parallax is not affected
(d) :  relative orientation is not affected
(e) :  all the above.
Answer:  all of these

Q: The longitudes of two places at latitude 60° N are 93° E and 97° W. Their departure is

(a) :  5100 nautical miles
(b) :  5700 nautical miles
(c) :  120 nautical miles
(d) :  500 natical miles
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  5700 nautical miles

Q: If the equatorial distance between two meridians is 100 km, their distance at 60° latitude will be

(a) :  1000 km
(b) :  800 km
(c) :  600 km
(d) :  500 km
(e) :  400 km
Answer:  500 km

Q: Pick up the correct statement from the following

(a) :  Centre of the celestial sphere is taken as the position of the observer
(b) :  Centre of the celestial sphere is taken as the centre of the earth
(c) :  stars move and maintain their relative positions
(d) :  Celestial bodies though fixed, appear to revolve from east to west round the celestial pole
(e) :  all the above.
Answer:  all of the above

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