Q: The C.G. of a right circular cone lies on its axis of symmetry at a height of

(a) :  h/2
(b) :  h/3
(c) :  h/4
(d) :  h/5
(e) :  h/6
Answer:  h/4

Q: μ is coefficient of friction. A wheeled vehicle travelling on a circular level track will slip and overturn simultaneously if the ratio of its wheel distance to the height of its centroid, is

(a) :  μ
(b) :  2μ
(c) :  3μ
(d) :  0.5U
(e) :  None of these

Q: A bullet weighing 200 g is fired horizontally with a velocity of 25 m/sec from a gun carried on a carriage which together with the gun weighs 100 kg. The velocity of recoil of the gun, will be

(a) :  0.01m/sec
(b) :  0.05m/sec
(c) :  1m/sec
(d) :  1.5m/sec
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  .05 m/sec

Q: One end of a light string 4 m in length is fixed to a point on a smooth wall and the other end fastened to a point on the surface of a smooth sphere of diameter 2.25 m and of weight 100 kg. The tension in the string is

(a) :  17.5 kg
(b) :  19.5 kg
(c) :  22.5 kg
(d) :  25 kg.
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  22.5 kg

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