Q: Maximum wheel base distance provided on Indian B.G. tracks, is

(a) :  4.096 m
(b) :  5.096 m
(c) :  6.096 m
(d) :  7.096 m
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  6.096 m

Q: Overall depth of a dog spike, is

(a) :  120.6 mm
(b) :  155.90 mm
(c) :  135 mm
(d) :  150 mm
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  120.6 mm

Q: Type of switch rails generally adopted for modern track, is

(a) :  straight switch
(b) :  curved switch
(c) :  loose heel switch
(d) :  bent switch.
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  curved switch

Q: Stock rails are

(a) :  parts of crossing
(b) :  fitted against check rails
(c) :  fitted against tongue rails
(d) :  laid between heel of switch and nose of crossing.
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  fitted against tongue rails

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