Social Psychology

Q: Solomon Asch's classic experiment (in which subjects judged a standard line and comparison lines) was arranged to test the limits of

(a) :  social perception.
(b) :  indoctrination.
(c) :  coercive power.
(d) :  conformity.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  conformity.

Q: Research by Donnerstein suggests that the circumstances most likely to increase violent sexual acts against women (such as rape) involve:

(a) :  newspaper publicity given to rapists.
(b) :  direct exposure to persons who have committed such acts.
(c) :  media images of violence.
(d) :  pornographic stimuli that generate sexual fantasies.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  media images of violence.

Q: The organization of roles, patterns of communication, and power in a group defines the group's

(a) :  status.
(b) :  structure.
(c) :  cohesiveness.
(d) :  norms.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  structure.

Q: Physical proximity increases attraction because it

(a) :  increases frequency of contact.
(b) :  enhances social comparisons.
(c) :  establishes common norms.
(d) :  reduces development of incompatible roles.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  increases frequency of contact.

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