Child Development

Q: Which of the following reflexes are related to feeding?

(a) :  The Moro and rooting reflexes.
(b) :  The rooting and sucking reflexes.
(c) :  The Moro and sucking reflexes.
(d) :  The Babinski and orienting reflexes.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  The rooting and sucking reflexes.

Q: Compared to mothers, fathers spend more time

(a) :  playing with the infant.
(b) :  feeding and care giving their infants.
(c) :  providing routine child care.
(d) :  that does not involve visual contact with the infant.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  playing with the infant.

Q: Object permanence is to sensorimotor stage as conservation and reversibility are to

(a) :  formal operational stage.
(b) :  preoperational stage.
(c) :  informal operational stage.
(d) :  concrete operational stage.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  concrete operational stage.

Q: A child who thinks it gets dark so that she can sleep is demonstrating

(a) :  object permanence.
(b) :  imprinting.
(c) :  deprivation dwarfism.
(d) :  egocentrism.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  egocentrism.

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