Q: Detoxification of harmful drugs within the cell is done by:

(a) :  Nucleolus
(b) :  Smooth Surface Endoplasmic Reticulum
(c) :   Ribosomes
(d) :   Food Vacuoles
Answer:  Smooth Surface Endoplasmic Reticulum

Q: Force experienced by a moving change in a magnetic field is:

(a) :  F = BA cosϴ
(b) :   F = μo NI
(c) :   F = q (v x B)
(d) :   F = I (L x B)
Answer:   F = q (v x B)

Q: In Michelson’s interferometer 792 bright fringes pass across the field of view when its movable mirror is displaced through 0.233 mm using the equation l = m λ/2 the wavelength of light used is:

(a) :  588 nm
(b) :   620 nm
(c) :   348 nm
(d) :  400 nm
Answer:  588 nm

Q: In each of the following question, four alternative meanings of a word are given. You have to select the NEAREST CORRECT MEANING of the given word and fill the appropriate Circle on the MCQ Response Form. NEOLOGISM

(a) :  A new word
(b) :   Pleasant remark
(c) :  Brief summary
(d) :   Archaic expression
Answer:  A new word

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