Q: The closed loop gain of OP-AMP depends on

(a) :  Internal structure of OP-AMP
(b) :  Externally connected resistances
(c) :  Voltage of power supplies
(d) :   Input resistance
Answer:  Externally connected resistances

Q: The substances like germanium and silicon have

(a) :  Negative temperature coefficients
(b) :  Positive temperature coefficients
(c) :   Both A and B
(d) :  None of the above
Answer:  Negative temperature coefficients

Q: The equivalent current which passes from a point at higher potential to a point at a lower potential as if it represented a movement of positive charges is

(a) :  Electronic current
(b) :  Electric current
(c) :   Magnetic lines
(d) :  Conventional current
Answer:  Conventional current

Q: In each of the following question, four alternative meanings of a word are given. You have to select the NEAREST CORRECT MEANING of the given word and fill the appropriate Circle on the MCQ Response Form.> ENMESHED

(a) :  Sojourn
(b) :  Entangled
(c) :  Gallows
(d) :  Cascade
Answer:  Entangled

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