Election 2018

Q: Which of the following PTI candidate was martyred in a suicide attack in Dera Ismail Khan on 22nd July 2018?

(a) :  Abdul jaleel
(b) :   Ikramullah Khan Gandapur
(c) :  Bashir Ahmad
(d) :   Abdullah Sultan
Answer:   Ikramullah Khan Gandapur

Q: Senate elections 2018 were held on_________?

(a) :  5th May 2018
(b) :  3rd March 2018
(c) :  1st July 2018
(d) :  11th August 2018
Answer:  3rd March 2018

Q: The polling time for upcoming General Election 2018 will end at _________ instead of the usual 5pm?

(a) :  0.7291666666666666
(b) :  0.7708333333333334
(c) :  0.75
(d) :  0.7916666666666666
Answer:  0.75

Q: Which independent candidate for the upcoming general elections 2018 allegedly committed suicide?

(a) :  Mohammad Hussain Shaikh
(b) :  Mirza Mohammad Ahmed Mughal
(c) :  Jibran Nasir
(d) :  Fawad Mirza
Answer:  Mirza Mohammad Ahmed Mughal

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