World Geography

Q: A light year is equal to

(a) :  8. 46 trillion km
(b) :  9.46 trillion km
(c) :  10.48 trillion km
(d) :  None of these
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  9.46 trillion km

Q: which of the following in sequences represents correctly the different atmosphere layers from the earth's surface?

(a) :  stratosphere, troposphere ,tropopause,ionosphere
(b) :  ionosphere,tropopause, troposphere,startosphee
(c) :  troposphere,tropopause ,startosphere,ionosphere
(d) :  stratosphere, troposphere, ionosphere,tropopause
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  troposphere,tropopause ,startosphere,ionosphere

Q: which of these exhaustible and non renewable fuels are inorganic in nature

(a) :  anthracite and bituminous coal
(b) :  petroleum and natural gas
(c) :  uranium and thorium
(d) :  lignite and peat
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  anthracite and bituminous coal

Q: which amongst these countries, has the highest density of population per sq km?

(a) :  Bangladesh
(b) :  Burma
(c) :  Pakistan
(d) :  sir lanka
(e) :  None of these
Answer:  Burma

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