Sentence Completion

Q: As were many colonial administrators, Gregory was ____ in his knowledge of the grammar of the local language, though his accent was ____ .

(a) :  deficient - poor
(b) :  competent - adequate
(c) :  faultless - awful
(d) :  well-versed - effective
(e) :  erratic - eccentric
Answer:  faultless - awful

Q: Severl of our players were injured, so our losing the match was almost _____.

(a) :  inevitable
(b) :  inexcusable
(c) :  necessary
(d) :  indispensable
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  inevitable

Q: The prisoner was _____ to answering any of my questions.

(a) :  reverse
(b) :  averse
(c) :  inverse
(d) :  adverse
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  averse

Q: Held up only by a _____steel cable, the chairlift at murree was ____ to carry only two people.

(a) :  narrow-permitted
(b) :  hard- instructed
(c) :  massive-designed
(d) :  long-ordered
(e) :  single-intended
Answer:  single-intended

Q: There is a general ____ in the United States that our ethics are declining and that our moral standards are ____ .

(a) :  feeling - normalizing
(b) :  idea - futile
(c) :  optimism - improving
(d) :  complaint - deteriorating
(e) :  outlook - escalating
Answer:  complaint - deteriorating

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