Sentence Completion

Q: Rashid is too ____________ as far as his food habbits are concerned.

(a) :  curious
(b) :  involved
(c) :  enjoyable
(d) :  fastidious
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  interesting

Q: since one cannot read every book,one should be content with making a ____ selection

(a) :  sample
(b) :  moderate
(c) :  normal
(d) :  standard
(e) :  judicious
Answer:  judicious

Q: I request you to ……….. Your crime:

(a) :  confess
(b) :  pardon
(c) :  apologise
(d) :  agree
(e) :  submit
Answer:  confess

Q: There is no ___________ for the United States to sign the treaty since there is every reason to believe no other nation intends to honour its provisions.

(a) :  intention
(b) :  incentive
(c) :  procedure
(d) :  importance
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  interest

Q: Though Adam Bede is presented to us by the author as ____ fiction, there are none of the life-like meanderings of the story of Amos Barton.

(a) :   realistic
(b) :  romantic
(c) :   imaginative
(d) :  educational
(e) :  entertaining
Answer:   realistic

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