Computer F.Sc

Q: Which of the following is not a type of Memory?

(a) :  RAM
(b) :  ALU
(c) :  Cache
(d) :  ROM
(e) :  None
Answer:  ALU

Q: The function scanf {} reads

(a) :  A single character
(b) :  A set of characters
(c) :  A numeric constant
(d) :  All of the above
(e) :  None
Answer:  All of the above

Q: Which term is used for prevention of illegal copying or replication of the relevant subject matter by any person other than the owner?

(a) :  Virus Hoax
(b) :  Copyright
(c) :  Computer Crime
(d) :  Data privacy
(e) :  None
Answer:  Copyright

Q: A button to the left of the Maximize that looks like a little dash is known as

(a) :  Restore Button
(b) :  Minimize Button
(c) :  Exit Button
(d) :  Start Button
(e) :  None
Answer:  Minimize Button

Q: Which software combines audio, video application-sharing and shared electroinc chalkboard in collaborative computing?

(a) :  E-mail
(b) :  Networking
(c) :  Teleconferencing
(d) :  Operating sytem
(e) :  None
Answer:  Teleconferencing

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