Compute Science (M.Sc)

Q: Secure shell (SSH) network protocol is used for

(a) :  secure data communication
(b) :  remote command-line login
(c) :  remote command execution
(d) :  all of the mentioned
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  all of the mentioned

Q: What multicast addresses does EIGRPv6 use?

(a) :  FF02::A
(b) :  FF02::9
(c) :  FF02::5
(d) :  FF02::6
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  FF02::A
Explanation:  EIGRPv6's multicast address stayed very near the same. In IPv4 it was; now it is FF02::A (A=10 in hexadecimal notation).

Q: The examination and changing of single bits or small groups of his within a word is called

(a) :  Bit
(b) :  Byte
(c) :  Bit manipulation
(d) :  Bit slice
(e) :  None
Answer:  Bit manipulation

Q: The first generation of computers available was based on the bit micro processors.

(a) :  4
(b) :  8
(c) :  16
(d) :  64
(e) :  None
Answer:  8

Q: In the network HTTP resources are located by

(a) :  uniform resource identifier
(b) :  unique resource locator
(c) :  unique resource identifier
(d) :  none of the mentioned
(e) :  None of the above
Answer:  uniform resource identifier

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