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Q: There is a quite common sentiment that the use of nuclear arms is obviously different to morality and that its making probably so, does not go far sufficient. These activities are not only conflicting to ethics but also to law and if the lawful objection can be added to the ethical, the argument beside the use and the produce of these weapons will significantly be unbreakable. Now the time is ripe to estimate the duty of scientist who intentionally uses their proficiency for the creation of such weapons which has deterious result on mankind. To this should be added to the fact that more than 50% of the trained scientific manpower on the earth is now busy in the armaments business. Now it is suitable that manufacture of arms of death in a world of scarcity is a question that must lay a hand on the scientific conscience. A gathering of biologists on the Long term wide-reaching Biological cost of Nuclear War added scary dimensions to those biological affects consequential from weather changes may at least be as severe as the direct ones. Sub cold temperature , low light levels and high dose of ionizing and ultra violet rays expanding for many months after a huge scale nuclear nation , at least in the northern hemisphere. Efficiency in usual and agricultural eco systems could be ruthlessly constrained for a year or more. Post war survivors would face malnourishment as well as chilly condition in the dark and be bare to near lethal dose of rays. If, as now seems possible, the southern hemisphere were exaggerated also, worldwide disruption of the bio sphere could result. In any event there could be stern consequences, even in the areas not exaggerated directly, because of the inter trust of the world financial system. In either case the extermination of a large fraction of the earth’s animals, plants and microorganisms seems probable. The inhabitant’s size of Hemo sapiens possibly could be condensed to pre historic levels or below and annihilation of the human genus itself cannot be debarred. Question: The author of the passage seems to be of the view that

(a) :  Utilization of valuable knowledge for manufacture of lethal weapons is inhuman
(b) :  Utilization of scientific skills in manufacture of weapons is appropriate
(c) :  Manufacture of weapons of death would help eradication of poverty
(d) :  Spending money on manufacture of weapons may be justified subject to availability of funds
(e) :  The evaluation of the scientist expertise show their incompetence
Answer:  Utilization of valuable knowledge for manufacture of lethal weapons is inhuman

Q: Visual recognition involves storing and retrieving memories. Neural activity, triggered by the eye, forms an image in the brains memory system that constitutes an internal representation of the viewed object. When an object is encountered again, it is matched with its internal representation and thereby recognized. Controversy surrounds the question of whether recognition is a parallel, one-step process or a serial, step-by-step one. Psychologists of the Gestalt school maintain that object are recognized as wholes in a parallel procedure : , the internal representation is matched with the retinal image in a single operation. Other psychologists have proposed that internal representation features are matched serially with an objects features. Although some experiments show that, as an object become familiar, its internal representation becomes more familiar, its internal representation becomes more holistic and the recognition process correspondingly more parallel, the weight of evidence seems to support the serial hypothesis, at least for objects that are not notably simple and familiar. Question: According to the passage, Gestalt psychologists make which of the following suppositions about visual recognition? I A retinal image is in exactly the same form as its internal representation II An object is recognized as a whole without any need for analysis into component parts. III The matching of an object with its internal representation occurs in only one step A. II only B. III only C. I and III only D. II and III only E. I, II and III

(a) :  A
(b) :  B
(c) :  C
(d) :  D
(e) :  E
Answer:  D

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