Q: The first quartile

(a) :  contains at least one third of the data elements
(b) :  is the same as the 25th percentile
(c) :   is the same as the 50th percentile
(d) :  is the same as the 75th percentile
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  is the same as the 25th percentile

Q: The weights of students in a college/school is a

(a) :  a discrete variable
(b) :  a continuous variable
(c) :  a constant
(d) :   a qualitative variable
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  a continuous variable

Q: The location and shape of the normal curve is (are) determined by:

(a) :  Mean
(b) :   Variance
(c) :  Mean & variance
(d) :   Mean & standard deviation
(e) :  NONE
Answer:   Mean & standard deviation

Q: Data collected by NADRA to issue computerized identity cards (CICs) are

(a) :  Uno cial data
(b) :  Qualitative data
(c) :  Primary data
(d) :   Secondary data
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  Primary data

Q: Standard deviation is --------------------------------

(a) :  absolute measure
(b) :  relative measure
(c) :   none of these
(d) :  both
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  absolute measure

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