Economic (M.Sc)

Q: Imputed rental value of owner occupied dwellings is a part of:

(a) :  Intermediate consumption
(b) :  Capital formation
(c) :  Final consumption
(d) :  Expenditure on consumer durably
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Final consumption

Q: In order to practice price discrimination, which of the following is needed?

(a) :  some degree of monopoly power
(b) :  an ability to separate the market
(c) :  an ability to prevent reselling
(d) :  all of the above
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  all of the above

Q: economic development

(a) :  is the same as economic growth
(b) :  means improvement in lifestyle
(c) :  exist when there is equal distribution of income
(d) :  all of above
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  means improvement in lifestyle

Q: In terms of size what position does the Indian economy occupy in the world?

(a) :   10th
(b) :  12th
(c) :  7th
(d) :  9th
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  12th

Q: The four factor payments are:

(a) :  Money, capital,salaries, and income
(b) :  Wages, rent, interest and profits
(c) :  Money, power, prices and wealth
(d) :  Wages, interest, salaries and income
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Wages, rent, interest and profits

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