Physics MSc

Q: Yield stress is another name of:

(a) :  Proportional limit
(b) :  Elastic limit
(c) :  Both (A) and (B)
(d) :  Plasticity
(e) :  Both (A) and (D)
Answer:  Elastic limit

Q: consider the elastic scattering of two identical atoms.letthe scattering angles in the lab frame is (θᴸᵃᵇ,фᴸᵃᵇ)and those in the centre of mass (m) frame be (θ,ф) if the diffrential cross section is isotropic is the CM with value σₒ/4π,then what is thelab cross section

(a) :  σₒ/4π
(b) :  σₒ/2π
(c) :  σₒcosθᴸᵃᵇ/π
(d) :  σₒcosθᴸᵃᵇ/π
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  σₒcosθᴸᵃᵇ/π

Q: "Exothermic" processes:

(a) :  Absorb energy
(b) :  Give off energy
(c) :  Have no energy change
(d) :  It is impossible to predict the energy change of an exothemric process.
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Give off energy

Q: 0 or low can be any voltage between

(a) :  2 to 5 v
(b) :  A specified minimum and a specified maximum value
(c) :  0 to 0.8 volt
(d) :  Both A and B
(e) :  Both B and C
Answer:  Both B and C

Q: Photoelectrons are emitted when infrared light falls on

(a) :  Potassium
(b) :  Cesium coated oxidized silver
(c) :  Sodium
(d) :  Both A and C
(e) :  Both B and C
Answer:  Cesium coated oxidized silver

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