Mathematics (F.Sc)

Q: Imran got 20% increase in his salary at the end of 1st year. At the end of 2nd year he got an increase of 10%. If his present income is 19800 what was his income two years ago?

(a) :  16000
(b) :  17000
(c) :  15000
(d) :  18000
(e) :  none
Answer:  15000

Q: At KIPS new branch for inter the ration of Bio students to Math students is 6:7. If 90 students are taking Bio How many are taking maths.

(a) :  105
(b) :  90
(c) :  117
(d) :  70
(e) :  none
Answer:  105

Q: Arooj swimming speed in still water is 18 km/h and speed of water is 6 km/h. How long will it take him to go downstream 72 km?

(a) :  3
(b) :  3 hours
(c) :  4 hours
(d) :  3 3/4 hours
(e) :  none
Answer:  3 hours

Q: Two trains travel in the same direction at 50 and 32 km/h. A man in slower train observes that the faster train passes him in 15 seconds. The length of faster train is:

(a) :  75m
(b) :  100m
(c) :  150m
(d) :  341.66m
(e) :  none
Answer:  75m

Q: In a hospital-I ratio of ENT patients to cardiology patients is 9:11 and in hospital-II the ratio is 7:10 which hospital has more ENT patients.

(a) :  I
(b) :  II
(c) :  both have equal no. of patients
(d) :  can not be determined
(e) :  none
Answer:  can not be determined

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