MCAT UHS Past Paper

Q: For photon of energy greater than 1.02 MeV the probability of pair production occurance ________ as the energy increases

(a) :  Increase
(b) :  completely diminishes
(c) :  reduces to half
(d) :  remains unchanged
Answer:  Increase

Q: Which of the following sulphates is not soluble in water?

(a) :  Sodium Sulphate
(b) :   Barium Sulphate
(c) :  Potassium Sulphate
(d) :  Zinc Sulphate
Answer:   Barium Sulphate

Q: Which one of the following compounds show cis-trans isomerism?

(a) :  1-butene
(b) :  1-hexene
(c) :   1-bromo-2-chloropropane
(d) :   Propene
Answer:   1-bromo-2-chloropropane

Q: Sulphur has oxidation state of __________

(a) :  ± 2
(b) :   + 4 and +6
(c) :  None of these
(d) :   Both A and B
Answer:   Both A and B

Q: In LED when an electron combines with a ___________ during forward bias conduction, a photon of visible light is emitted.

(a) :  High voltage
(b) :  photon
(c) :  hole
(d) :  positron
Answer:  hole

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