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Q: Who among the following is the current (June 2014) Prime Minister of Bhutan

(a) :  Jigme Thinley
(b) :  Kinzang Dorji
(c) :  Yeshey Zimba
(d) :   Tshering Tobgay
(e) :  NONE
Answer:   Tshering Tobgay

Q: In which of the following provinces Swat, Gomal, Karum and Kabul river flow

(a) :   KPK
(b) :   Balochistan
(c) :   Sindh
(d) :   Punjab
(e) :  NONE
Answer:   KPK

Q: Who is the current Chairman of NAB ( National Accountability Bureau) Pakistan?

(a) :  Fasih Bokhari
(b) :  Qamar Zaman Chaudhry
(c) :  Abdul Rauf Ch.
(d) :  Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal
Answer:  Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal

Q: In context to astronomy, "Charkilo" which is in news recently is

(a) :  Meteorite
(b) :   Miniature Planet
(c) :  Asteroid
(d) :   Comet
(e) :  NONE
Answer:   Miniature Planet

Q: European Union has __________ member states.

(a) :  27
(b) :  28
(c) :  39
(d) :  30
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  28

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