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Q: Who was the first Governor of Balochistan

(a) :  Lt Gen Riaz Hussain
(b) :  Sahibzada Muhammad Khurshid
(c) :  Ayub Khan
(d) :   Muhammad Sadique Chaudhry
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  Sahibzada Muhammad Khurshid

Q: After the war of 1965 which pact was signed between India and Pakistan

(a) :   Bilateral Pact
(b) :  Tashkant Pact
(c) :  Moscow Pact
(d) :   Soviet Pact
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  Tashkant Pact

Q: In pakistan literacy rate is

(a) :  0.33
(b) :  0.43
(c) :  0.63
(d) :  0.53
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  0.53

Q: "Kashmir" is a disputed area between __________.

(a) :   India and Sri Lanka
(b) :  India and Bangladesh
(c) :   India and Pakistan
(d) :  Bangladesh and Pakistan
(e) :  NONE
Answer:   India and Pakistan

Q: Who among the following has been chosen as the next United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights by the U.N General Assembly

(a) :  Prince Zeid al Hussein
(b) :  Samuel Johnson
(c) :   San Antonio Spurs
(d) :   Martin Kaymer
(e) :  NONE
Answer:  Prince Zeid al Hussein

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