Pharmacy mcqs

Q: The "French" scale is commonly used in this country for denoting the diameters of 1. urinary catheters II. enteral feeding tubes III. syringe needles

(a) :  I only
(b) :  III only
(c) :  I and II only
(d) :  II and III only
(e) :  I, II, and III
Answer:  I and II only
Explanation:  The French system is used for designating sizes of both urinary catheters and tubing used for enteral feedings. One French unit equals 1 mm on the outside circumference.

Q: Which one of the following equations would have enabled the pharmacist to estimate the creatinine clearance in the previous patient?

(a) :  Cockcroft-Gault
(b) :  Harris-Benedict
(c) :  Henderson-Hasselbalch
(d) :  Loo-Riegelman
(e) :  method of least residuals
Answer:  Cockcroft-Gault
Explanation:   The Cockcroft-Gault is very useful in estimating creatinine clearance. For a male, it reads Cr Cl = (140 - age) Body Wt 72Scr where age is in years and weight is in kg. For the female, a factor of 0.85 is placed before the (140 - age) expression.

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