Q: After devolution the post created to control education at district level is

(a) :  Dy. DEO
(b) :  DEO
(c) :  DDO
(d) :  EDO
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  EDO

Q: Planned and systematic effort and organization to provide an individual of any age a second chance of education is:

(a) :  Formal education
(b) :  Informal education
(c) :  Non-formal education
(d) :  Post formal education
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Non-formal education

Q: The rules of presenting the contents to make them easy are called

(a) :  Method of teaching
(b) :  Maxims of teaching
(c) :  Techniques of teaching
(d) :  Teaching strategies
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Maxims of teaching

Q: English pronunciation is very:

(a) :  Regular
(b) :  Systematic
(c) :  Interesting
(d) :  Common
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Systematic

Q: Field of study directly concerned with teaching learning and process and improvement in student learning is:

(a) :  philosophy
(b) :  sociology
(c) :  psychology
(d) :  biology
(e) :  None of the Above
Answer:  Psychology

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