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Q: A wire of resistance 4Ώ is tbent into a circle. The resistance between the ehtidsof a diaeter of the circle is

(a) :  4Ώ
(b) :  1Ώ
(c) :  1/4Ώ
(d) :  1/16Ώ
(e) :  None
Answer:  1/4Ώ

Q: Potentiometer is the instrument works on the principle of

(a) :  Kirchhoff's 1st law
(b) :  Wheatstone bride
(c) :  Combination of resistance
(d) :  Krichhoff's 2nd law
(e) :  None
Answer:  Krichhoff's 2nd law

Q: Select the correct sentence

(a) :  Farid and Javed both are good swimmers
(b) :  Both Farid and Javed are good swimmers
(c) :  Good swimmers are Farid abd Javed
(d) :  Swimmers are good both Farid an dJAved
(e) :  None
Answer:  Both Farid and Javed are good swimmers

Q: All of the following non renewable resources of energy except

(a) :  Forests
(b) :  Iron
(c) :  Petroleum
(d) :  Naturl gas
(e) :  None
Answer:  Naturl gas

Q: Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) is used for:

(a) :  treating anaemia
(b) :  bonemarrow transplant
(c) :  dissolving blood clot
(d) :  treatment of cancer
(e) :  none
Answer:  treating anaemia

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