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Q: Microsporum Furfur causes

(a) :  Athletes
(b) :  Ring worm
(c) :  Ergot
(d) :  Dandruff
(e) :  None
Answer:  Ergot

Q: The weight of a pilot diving down with an acceleration of 9.8m-² become

(a) :  Double
(b) :  hlaf
(c) :  zero
(d) :  Negative
(e) :  None
Answer:  zero

Q: Phases viruses are usually abundant in the intestine o IMO and animals because

(a) :  abundant bacteria are present
(b) :  bundant water is present
(c) :  abundant nutrients are present
(d) :  they can only live at human body temp.
(e) :  None
Answer:  abundant bacteria are present

Q: The force exerted on a wire of length one m carrying a current of one amp lying normal to mgnetic field is called

(a) :  Magnetic flux
(b) :  Magnetic flux density
(c) :  Magnetic pereability
(d) :  None of these
(e) :  None
Answer:  Magnetic flux

Q: BREAK THE ICE' implies

(a) :  Wlak on ice sheet
(b) :  Swallow ice-cubes
(c) :  Chisel an ice-block
(d) :  To make a beginning
(e) :  None
Answer:  To make a beginning

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